Lebensmittel- und Sondermaschinenbautechnik

The LESOMAT leakage tester DPG online is used for automatic testing for leaks of film-packaged products during the ongoing production process. The machine is ideal for tibular bags or thermoformed packages.

Within seconds a specific quantity of products will be tested. Therefor our specially developed test method does not require special gases (such as CO2 or helium) for the test and it is absolutely non-destructive for the products. Tested products - as long as they have not been detected as leak - will be returned to the production flow. If one of the tested products is detected as leak, it is selectively removed, thus excluded from the production line.

With the DPG online either samples can be tested continuously, so that for example 10-20% of the total production will be tested, or all products in the line will be tested for 100% . In both test methods, a serial failure of a defective sealing can be located and resolved within minutes. With the 100% testing individual defects can be detected additionally.

The test results are stored to be evaluated by your Quality Management.

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